Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Let's Change Your Words a Little.."

So, as I've mentioned before, I am LOVING yoga. I finally started a foundations class at PAI YOGA and am learning the basics of yoga. I am hoping to give the hot power yoga a try again soon but have realized that I was missing the foundations I needed to really enjoy yoga before.  I was way out of my league trying to do the yoga my 22 year old daughter does:-)  The teacher I have is amazing and because I am in a very basic class, I'm not frustrated throughout the entire class, and I can really listen and learn.

A few weeks ago, I was asking the instructor about the difference between this class and the higher level classes as I want to try some of the others before the school year begins. I said, "I can't do a chaturanga and I'll never be able to. Can I still go to that class?" She paused, looked at me and said, "Let's change your words a little."  She talked to me a little bit about what I COULD do and that I could have a full life of yoga without ever doing a chaturanga. As a teacher, I immediately saw what she was doing, realized my own issue and wondered quietly whether my yoga instructor had read Choice Words by Peter Johnston....

I started to pay attention to my inner language throughout class that night.  As Kara was telling us to have our eyes looking toward our knees and appreciate their strength, I would notice my inner voice wondering how and when my knees  had become so fat:-)  When Kara was marveling at our feet and how amazing that they carry us from place to place, I was obsessed with the bulging veins and how old they looked. Over the last few weeks, Kara's six words have helped me to see that I have not been so kind to myself during this decade of my life.  It has not been my healthiest of decades--I've let healthy eating and exercise (and a balanced life in general) go a bit as life got in the way. I wouldn't trade where I put the time these last 10 years, but up until 10-15 years ago, I felt more healthy than unhealthy; more in shape than out-of-shape most of the time.  But I finally realized how much the inner language of my 40s has changed part of my days and what impact it is probably having on me as I try to regain a healthy lifestyle.

2012 was a year where I really committed to regaining control of my health. And I really worked hard to get healthier, run 2 5Ks, etc.  Then my concussion happened and I had 5 months of no exercise so I am back to Square One. Believe me, starting an exercise program over and over and over again is exhausting.  I guess what I have learned though,  is that it is what it is. And what I do have control over is that I can enjoy that I can move forward today.

I think part of the reason I am enjoying yoga is because it really is impacting the way I live my days. Since that conversation with Kara, I am noticing other times during the day where I need to "change my words" ...just a little. There are patterns to the times in my days where I beat myself up, where I don't believe in myself, where I give up, where I lose energy. These 6 little words that Kara gave me have given me a strategy to stop and breathe and revamp my thinking just enough to move beyond my old habits.  I love this about the impact of leading a healthier life.  Thanks, Kara!


  1. Self-talk can be my worst enemy too. I've been on again - off again with the exercise, but recently committed to running again. (When school's not in session, I have so much more energy!) I've run 4x this week and plan to go again tomorrow. I cannot capture in words how I feel after this amazing exercise. I can, however, describe what negative things I say to myself when I do not go. Your idea to start with a beginning class is a good one. I've wanted to do yoga and try on my own ... but I know I'd be better off with some instruction. Thanks for the motivation!

    Barb @

  2. Thank you for this, Franki. Funny that I try to be mindful of the words I use with my children (my own and the ones I share with others for nine months) but am not as careful to nudge the words I use with myself.

    Cheering you on :)


  3. Getting a little teary, friend. You have been broken and have healed in ways you might never expected, thanks to that d#** concussion. So glad to hear you so grounded, and moving on in such a positive way!

  4. Beautiful, Franki. I will admit, I laughed out loud when you wondered if Kara had read Choice Words. I too need to work on being kinder. I keep saying I'll do yoga at home, but haven't. You've inspired me to join a class next week when I return from ALA. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for this! Your openness will take you far, and has inspired us to go there with you...

  6. It's so easy to get caught up in a deficit mode of living from day to day - "I can't do that." "I shouldn't, I wouldn't, I couldn't..."

    You reminded me today that being positive and changing our words (even a little) can make a huge difference in our own happiness and the perspectives of others. I plan to begin "beckoning the lovely" right away. This is a special time in my own life and maybe I can make an impact on others by just changing my words a little.

    Thanks, dear friend.

  7. change your kinder to yourself and others...all words I needed to hear. Thank you Franki!

  8. This is a perfect new mantra for the new year! Thank you!