Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Little Change of Pace

Since Changing My Words ...Just a Little seems to be working out so well for me, I decided to change my plans just a little too! For those of you that have been following this blog, you know that I have pretty much been working on a 5K training plan since January of 2012. That is about 18 months.  The first 6 months went pretty much as planned and last summer I ran two 5Ks--The Komen Columbus Race for the Cure and the Columbus Color Run. I wouldn't say I loved either but I did wear my Team Sparkle Skirt and my Sparkly Soul headband and I did have fun with friends. I learned what a 5K was all about and learned that maybe those giant races were not for me when I was so new to them. But I did it. Then I started again, and again, and again due to many circumstances--the last one beyond my control.

So, last week, as I was on Week 3, Day 1 of C25K, I looked down at the tracker and almost cried twice.  I put in 26 minutes and didn't even go 2 miles. I was exhausted and knew that at the end of 8 weeks, I would maybe be able to run a 45 minute 5K and that my cardio would not be that much better.  I realized that the C25K had me running only 28 minutes 3 times a week and that if I wanted to bump my cardio, I needed more than that. At the same time, I was watching people track miles on Twitter and participate in the 40 day Running Streak that had them running a mile a day.  Tracking miles seemed like a smarter commitment than tracking minutes since I am not getting very far in minutes right now.

A few other things were happening. I am loving yoga which is good.  Loving it more than running.  I want to love running more than I do right now, but I just don't. Probably because I run slower than I walk and it is just no fun to make very little progress over 18 months.  I am tired of being discouraged I think.  I want to love it and I am still hopeful but I don't love it right now.

Then I was introduced to the blog RUN FOR COOKIES on Facebook. She was featured by Run Like a Mother--whose Columbus Party I will be attending in August (wooohoo!!).  As I learned all about Katie at Run for Cookies and read all about her races, I saw that she walked a few mini-marathons before she ran anything. Somewhere in my head, many years ago, I had decided that the path to becoming a runner was to run and that a 5K was the place to start. But, I did that and I have gotten no farther than a 5K. So, when I saw Katie's path, I thought it might be smarter path for me to try --or at least a different way in.  So I found this walking training plan online and decided almost instantly to change my plan just a little. Instead of Couch to 5K, I am going to do the EZ Half Marathon Training Plan and I have completed Day 1, Week 1.

My thinking is that I need a plan and I need more cardio.  I need to be working for something and I need to commit to more than 28 minutes 3 times a week.  Our Columbus marathon, which I hear is very walker-friendly is in October which is perfect timing. I should have very few weather issues between now and October and if I do, I have indoor options.  Instead of 3 thirty minute workouts a week on the C25k, logging 3-5 miles per week, I'll go 3 hourish long walks and log 10+ miles per week. Seems smarter in terms of building cardio and muscle.  The other thing that is a plus is that I have lots of friends who walk, and very few that run (at my pace:-) so I will have an easier time finding friends to walk with once in a while.  I figure I can still jog a few minutes here and there if I want to and I think my cardio should be much better in 14 weeks and I can decide on a new run goal then.  And I think I will be much more willing to add an extra walk in during the week without worrying about the training schedule.  This seems to fit my lifestyle better right now, even with the bigger time commitment.

So, my overall plan is not changing but when you keep trying the same thing over and over and over and it doesn't really get you to your end goal, it's time to try a  new path I think and this path made sense to me immediately once I saw how Katie at Run for Cookies moved from walking to running so easily.  And if not, at least I'll get to be good at walking!


  1. Yay, Franki! I'm thrilled you have a plan that you are happy with. That is fabulous!

  2. Reflection is important. Good for you not giving up, I hope you love the walking :)

  3. Hey Frankie- I have been attempting to become a runner FOREVER! I am signed up for a Half Marathon in September and just decided to go with a more walking centered approach, too. Was feeling frustrated with myself, and also need to realize that I actually don't like running that much, although I wish I did. Love finding this blog. Thanks!